Monday, January 13, 2014

I Got Me A "Boyfriend" Jeans!

Sorry for the mini hiatus... been raining like crazy these past days in Vancouver so my photographer, Michael and I had to find an indoor space for a photoshoot.  Luckily, I got to use my mom's empty (temporarily) place for a couple of hours.  I gotta say, I like the convenience indoor shoot has to offer.  Keeping warm is definitely not a problem, you're not fighting with the sunshine (shadows, glares...not good for photos!).

I'm really happy with how my pictures turned out.  I've been into the grudge look lately; so free and basic.... yet I love combining two contrasting styles... for this, I paired my boyfriend jeans (yes! Scored! been looking for a pair that actually fits me! lol) with a T-shirt from La Notte from Aritzia and of course my beanie from Aritzia completes the whole grudge look.

Enjoy your week ahead everyone!  take it easy!

Outfit Details:

T-shirt, beanie & blazer from Aritzia
Shoes from Zara
Purse from Tory Burch