Friday, May 17, 2013

My Beauty Must-Haves!

What's in my cosmetics bag?  I have to say, the beauty essentials I keep in my cosmetics bag are more or less and/or equally important depending on the situation and/or day.

Sephora lip stick, Kabuki brush, Estee Lauder foundation, Elizabeth Arden skin serum, L'Occitane face lotion, Benefit cheek tint, The Balm Hot Mama, Smashbox Lip Enhancing gloss, Blistex lip moisturizer (A must-have especially for the harsh winter season!) and a pretty red enamel flower hair tie

                                   BUT.... my TOP FOUR essentials are the following:

                                                   Number ONE beauty essential

                                                          Lip Medex: Blistex
This has to be my number one beauty essential because this lip moisturizer not only relieves cracked, sore lips in the cold winter but it restores moisture as well.  And just check out the price is a no-brainer too! 

Number TWO beauty essential:

L'Occitane  Moisturizing Face Lotion
with organic Olive tree extract

This facial lotion is by far the BEST moisturizer I have ever used! The ingredients of their products derive from plants or flowers; therefore, make them organic. 

Number THREE beauty essential:

This all-in-one essential is great for travelling.  It's a sexy shadow and beautiful blush all-in-one.  This is a must have blush when the make-up artist in you is feeling unproductive. :)  Just put some blush + coloured gloss and voila! :) 

Number FOUR beauty essential:

I gotta love these goodies because they don't stick at all! They come in a fairly big size, which lasts me forever AND they keep your lips soft and moist! <3