Sunday, May 12, 2013


Nothing beats an awesome hot weather in Vancouver.  The sun, good company, neighbourhood walks, beaches and most of all summer clothes! Yeah, I have finally worn this dress tucked away in my closet since ages.

This Mauri & Billi dress was a great find! Who would have known Wreck Beach at U.B.C. has vendors stationary and strolling about?  Nonetheless, I'm glad I found this particular area at the beach.  Mauri & Billi has dresses and tops that are made from gorgeous fabrics made in India with an affordable price... can't wait to go back this summer just to shop! LOL

Gorgeous fabric made in India.

Love the fishtail hair style!  

Hair & Make-up done by Yves

Loving the fresh & natural look of my make-up :)

Accessories of notes: