Friday, September 20, 2013

These Boots Will Walk All Over You

Fall is right around the corner and I'm dying to incorporate some fall pieces into my closet.  Last fall I've been crazy about over sized cardigans, ponchos, and knee high boots.  Gotta say I am still on the same boat after all.  

For this post, I wanted to highlight my high boots from Steve Madden I purchased last fall.  Hardly wore these oh so comfy boots and I almost forgot I have them until I dug out my shoes (Oh, man! lol).  I opted for subdued colour for the fall season; this grey over-sized crochet sweater from Gentlefawn is the perfect piece that goes well with my lighter grey Bethan Dress from Brandy Melville.


Bethan Dress from Brandy Melville
Boots //  Steve Madden
Crochet Sweater //  Gentlefawn
Purse //  Louis Vuitton
Sunies //  Ray Ban

Photographer:  Michael Abella (click here to view website).