Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours

Shopping online is definitely a convenient way to shop but the waiting game is another story.  For weeks of waiting, waiting and waiting...Finally my 'Love of London Knit Bodycon' skirt from Free People which I particularly love the fitted silhouette and beautifully draped detailing at last made it to my mailbox.  I was like a little kid at a candy store excitedly and eagerly waiting for a free box of candies.  I guess after all that waiting, I gotta say it was all worth it.  Free People did a good job on this skirt.  I've always been drawn to asymmetrical pieces and drape fabrics.   Asymmetrical pieces possess the same qualities as architectural structures.  Drape fabrics are great in warmer season and they're good for mobility.

My gf's wedding was 2 weeks ago and I decided to wear this outfit.  I would usually wear a dress at a wedding but instead I chose to be different this time.  :)

Photographer:  Pierre John Ranay (Click here to view website).

Outfit Details:

Skirt //  Free People
Top //  Mango
Belt //  Violet Hill Boutique
Shoes //  Zara Heels
Bag //  Louis Vuitton

I love this top to pieces!  It's ultra feminine with it's lace details.  Such a great top that goes well with the modern skirt.

I've been obsessing over lace-up heels since last summer that I can't get enough of them!!!!

P.S.  I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.  I am feeling under the weather since this morning, I hope I feel better soon.  Yes, It's that time of the year and it sucks soooo bad!