Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Taiwan Diary: I Made It To Taichung!

I had the privilege to be the maid of honour for a wedding in Taiwan... and wouldn't pass up the opportunity to travel the country.  I've always wanted to travel; in fact, my dream job growing up was to become a flight attendant. :)

I knew the weather would be equivalent to summer in Vancouver, so I mainly packed summer/spring clothes.  

This is what I changed into as soon as I arrived in Taichung, Taiwan....

We went straight to the mall at Taichung city to do a little shopping.... :)

Outfit Details:

Shoes, jean jacket & skirt from Zara
T-shirt from Giordano

Then... we ended to Feng Yuen night market to try out some different foods.  Yum! food is awesome and couldn't believe how massive the night market was.  

Here are my top picks of night market foods: