Thursday, July 18, 2013

City Girl

Oh man, It's too hot in my condo my back is literally drenched in sweat! (Ew! And wow that's such a sexy thing to say. hehe) Anyway, I wanted to feature my "City Girl" outfit, well, this is also an outfit I would wear if I go dancing with my girlfriends.  You know how it gets so gross and stuffy at clubs/and or bars? Yes, that's why less clothes the better, but nothing too revealing, tasteful is best!

I like this cool effect! My photographer does a great job, doesn't he?

Michael Abella  (Click on name to view website).

I love to work with patterns and bold colours that is why I purchased this Material Girl skirt in a heartbeat. The pattern reminds of an aztec print?  What do you think?

I love this graphic shirt with a sexy back from Word of Mouth!
In case you can't tell what the graphic is about, it is a girl lying or maybe even lounging on her back. Lol.  

Accessories of Note:

Heels from Charles & Keith 

I heart these pair! I got them when I went on a vacation to the Philippines. Too bad we don't have the store in Canada (Boo!)

Wristlet from Louis Vuitton

This is a great purse to use when my load is light.  The look is very chic with the gold chain strap. 

Have an awesome summer everyone!  Don't forget to hydrate yourself with lots of fluids and cool with ice cream.  I know I packed my freezer with some.  YUM!